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Welcome to the wonderful world of can coolers—a brilliant way to keep your canned drink ice-cold, no matter how sizzlin’ the day gets. Switch it up from cooling your drink, to warming up mulled wines, teas or hot cider. No matter the weather, your mood or your drink of choice, frank green 3-in-1 cooler’s got you. Shop our range of insulated can coolers, designed to keep heat in (or out) using our innovative 3-in-1 design. More than just a cooler, these handy hand-helds work just as well as a cocktail glass and tumbler. And when you’re dancing the night away, these shatterproof drink coolers are right there with you, to use again and again. Enjoying life while being planet-friendly? What's not to love!


Why use can coolers?

Can coolers are the ultimate way to keep your canned drink cool, when everything else is heating up. Nothing beats that refreshingly cold drink during the commute to work, that day trip to the beach, or a picnic in the park. Not to mention the welcome warmth of a hot beverage on a frosty day. Use your frank green can cooler as an insulated drink holder, a tumbler or a cocktail cup—your needs are versatile, and so are our coolers.Not to mention they are fully reusable, meaning while you’re sipping your drink, you’re helping the planet. That’s a pretty neat reason to keep your drinks chilled out.


What is a can cooler made of?

You’ll find coolers in a range of materials (like neoprene, PVC, rubber or foam). These drink cooler materials are easy to keep on hand for that quick drink or hosting those unexpected visitors. For longer lasting insulation, an insulated can cooler made from tough and durable stainless steel, with a silicone seal, splash-proof lid and stainless steel straw will do the trick. These coolers are made to keep your drinks cold ‘til the cows come home—and after, too! 


Do stainless steel coolers work?

They sure do! Stainless steel coolers are a great option for shakin’ up that cocktail,  toppin’ up that tumbler, or coolin’ that drink. Not only is stainless steel hardwearing, it’s safe to drink from and will leave your beer, soft drink or coffee free to be enjoyed the way it should—whether ice-hold, red-hot, or anywhere in-between. It’s the metal cooler that’s got your back no matter where you go.


Unsure about insulated?

Keep the party going with an insulated beer cooler (or tumbler, or cocktail glass). The beauty of insulated drinks means you can say goodbye to warm beer or cold tea and hello to drinks that give you that ah moment. 3 big benefits to a double insulated can holder like ours include:

  1. Handles the heat and withstands the cold—while saving your fingers.
  2. Easy to prep: Pop your insulated drink holder, tumbler or cocktail cup into the fridge to insulate your cold or hot drinks for longer.
  3. Easy to clean: Swish your drink holder base in some soapy water and pop the straw, silicon ring and lid in the dishwasher. No crying over chilled milk!

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